Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance

Attention to detail, natural pruning, and regular fertilization are standard. 24-hour on-site emergency response and the promise of customer satisfaction for an unbeatable combination. Our general landscape maintenance program includes:

  • turf care: mowing, trimming, fertilization, weed control, edging, and aeration
  • tree and shrub care: pruning, trimming, staking, pest control, and fertilization
  • ground cover care: trimming, edging, weed control, and fertilization
  • turf thatching
  • rodent control: trapping and baiting
  • trash and debris: pickup and removal
  • emergency response: 2-hour response 24 hours a day
  • sod repair
  • ground cover mowing
  • mature tree pruning

Irrigation Maintenance

Being an award-winning water conservation business, we have the team to meet the water conservation needs of our clients. We balance the property/facilities managers' desire to keep water bills under control while maintaining the curb appeal of their properties. We have a Certified Water Auditor who performs system evaluations. Skilled technicians perform scheduled checks for broken/faulty equipment, leaks, proper coverage, erosion, precipitation rates and exposure. Our general irrigation maintenance program includes:

  • equipment checks: controllers, valves, back flow prevention, and sprinkler heads
  • site reviews: for washouts, leaks, and soil erosion control
  • precipitation rate determination
  • exposures
  • irrigation audits
  • valve repair and replacement
  • sprinkler head repair and replacement
  • line repairs
  • irrigation system renovation and upgrades
  • valve wire repair
  • emergency response: 2-hour response 24 hours a day

Pest Control

As a State Licensed Certified Pest Control Operator, our services include weed, rodent and disease control and/or eradication. Insect control is accomplished through integrated pest management -- the science of integrating biological, cultural, and chemical strategies into an effective pest-control program. Our general pest control program includes:

  • pest identification
  • pre-emergent weed control
  • weed eradication through chemical spraying
  • fruit inhibitors
  • insect control
  • rodent control
  • disease eradication
  • fully compliant safety program

Enhancement Services


Full or partial renovation of existing landscapes and/or irrigation systems. New installations are managed by our construction division.

  • landscape design: detailed plans, site visits, & sustainable design from start to finish
  • demolition: properly removing & disposing of all green waste & site debris
  • irrigation system: repair and/or redesign

Annual Color

Bed design and color schemes are managed by our flower specialists. We augment our flowers with specific soil preparation and contact grown, commercial quality plant material. Our general annual color program includes:

  • flower bed design
  • specialty soil preparation
  • flower ordering and planting
  • weed control
  • pest control
  • fertilization

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